Monday, 26 January 2015

W7 In the Buff : Lightly Toasted- An ORIGINAL Naked Palette DUPE!

If you've read my last post (link here if you're interested!) you will know that I recently found a very affordable dupe for Urban Decay's Naked2 palette! After I bought that I did some more research and also found that the same brand (W7) also did a dupe for the original Naked Palette! So I went on a hunt to find it and ended up buying it for £4.99 on Ebay. Once again, I was so excited when I got it!

I had no worries purchasing another palette from this brand as I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the first one I bought. As I've said there are dupes for all 3 of the Naked Palettes from W7, but I'm not as bothered about getting the 3rd one as I'm not as keen on the colours.
I was not disappointed when it arrived, the colours are amazing quality and are, again, an exact dupe for the Naked Palette!

I would definitely recommend these palettes. They're such good quality and the colours are so similar to the official Naked Palette! I love using these palettes for everyday looks but the darker colours and the greys mean that a more dramatic look can be created using this palette alone! The packaging is sleek and sturdy- it comes in a tin that clicks shut- and the brush it comes with is great for corner highlighting as it is such a small brush. I don't think the brush is very good for other functions but it is a great little extra nonetheless!
So thanks for reading and if you were deciding whether to buy this palette or not I hope this post has helped your decision! If you enjoyed reading this please take the time to look at some of my other posts and if you like what you see, follow me! Once again, thank you and I'll speak to you in my next post. Byee! xx

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